Wireless Technology and Convergence

Wireless Technology and Convergence

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Wireless Technology and Convergence

NETW-471/Advanced Topics in Networking
Ronald Webb
Online Fall 2008 Session B
Jason Strickland
February 8, 2009

Table of Contents
Introduction to Wireless 2

Overview of the IEEE 802.11 Standard 3

Wireless Technologies 3

IEEE 802.11 3

HiperLAN 4


Bluetooth 6

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless 7

Security 10

The Hacking Threat 10

WLAN Security 11

Wired Equivalent Privacy Encryption (WEP) 11

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) 12

WLAN Security Measures 13

Future Trends of Wireless 15

Conclusion 15

References 17

Introduction to Wireless

Wireless technology is one of the fastest growing segments of the communications industry. Wireless technology makes our lives faster and more mobile and it’s only a matter of time before wireless is used in some way by most businesses, fundamentally changing the way that employees, customers, and suppliers interact. The common wireless networks of today originated from many evolutionary stages of wireless communications and telegraph and radio applications.
All wireless communication takes place over electromagnetic waves that carry signals. Wireless technology eliminates wiring among computer devices, such as PDAs and laptops, and existing networks as well as solutions for a variety of applications in homes, offices, hospitals, and public areas, where users can benefit from having mobile access to network services. This permits computer devices and users to be highly mobile while still interfacing with the Internet and corporate applications. Whether someone is within an airport, home, or office, the person can stay connected.

Overview of the IEEE 802.11 Standard

802.11 is a set of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards for wireless networking designed to do for wireless networking what the 802.3 standards have done for Ethernet: provide clear guidelines for...

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