Wisdom Does Not Come with Age

Wisdom Does Not Come with Age

Some people think adulthood is determined by age by age, physical maturity or emotional qualities. The values that make a person an adult are wisdom, attitude, and responsibility. Being mature person does not just happened over night.

Wisdom is the first quality that a mature person has. It is the knowledge that we encompass from past experience and how we learn from those experiences. Both bad and good. We learn from everyday life. We learned from past mistake so we will not make them again. An adult person also does not use his wisdom to just have it for himself. They help other in needs and care.

The second quality of an adult person is the attitude. Attitude is very important in adult life. A mature person has to know how to act in some of the situation. If the person does not understand something, an adult person should help and explain what to do, not ignore that person without answering to him. They must stay calm when they get nervous and just want to shout.

Responsibility is the third most important characteristic in adult life. As an adult person we need to remember that when we say something we are going to do, we will and not just forgot or ignore it. In addition they need to know how to spend their money. If they do not, they will get in the debt or even in the trouble in sometime and loose everything.

It is not easy to be an adult person. There are many things that a mature person must have. Wisdom, attitude, responsibility are just one of the quality that a mature person should have.

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