Without Seeing the Dawn

Without Seeing the Dawn


Transcript of Copy of Without Seeing the Dawn
by:Stevan Javellana
Without Seeing the Dawn was set in a small farming village called Manhayang in Santa Barbara, Iloilo.

- The misfortune

struck,their first child
was born,Lucia had an affair w/ Luis
the son of Don Diego and their land sold
by the entrusted.

When Ricardo's knowing the truth
that their father and son died because
they were killed by Japanese soldiers
not by illness
and his wife raped by the
Japanese occupiers. And he become
an enemy executioner.
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Rising Action:
Without Seeing the dawn involves a young couple who get married during World War II. It follows the story
of this couple through their lives,including an infidelity
and the loss of their home and land.
When the japanese invaders ordered the people to go in their designated barrio to be identified as non guerillas the manhayang villagers evacuated the area, except for lucia who wanted to wait for ricardo who would be leading the "suicide attack" at the enemies garrison.
When they met, ricardo asked for lucia's forgiveness and farewell after giving some money. Lucia refused and stayed even if she had to welcome back ricardo as a corpse.
It talks about family obstacles, most of the
family in real life came uppon in this situation.
And for that lucia and ricardo should be more
loyal and trust each other for them to have a
stronger relationship that will not lead them
to seperation....

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