Witness Otas Notes

Witness Otas Notes

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Structure of Witness

The structure of nearly all film follows this pattern:

1. Beginning Incident
2. Sequence of Incidents
3. Climax
4. Denoument

1. Beginning Incident

This is the first scene of any real importance in the film. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the film. The beginning scene of Witness was the funeral of Jacob Lapp. The brought us (the viewers) into the world of the Amish and gave us a brief insight into their ways and traditions.

2. Sequence of Events

After the beginning incident, the rest of the story falls into place. In Witness, there are a number of incidents leading to the climax that connect with each other. These include:

(a) Going to the city
(b) Witnessing a murder
(c) Samuel identifies McPhee
(d) John goes to Schaeffer
(e) Shootout in the carpark
(f) John goes to the Amish
(g) Carter is murdered

3. The Climax

This is the point of any film where the drama reaches its highest point (the point where nothing worse can happen). The climax of Witness was the shootout on the Lapp farm and the subsequent stand-off with Schaeffer.

The importance of the climax in Witness is twofold:
(a) Good overcomes evil
(b) The danger is over

4. Denoument

The denoument is what happens after the climax. It is sometimes called the “resolution” because problems that occurred in the series of incidents get resolved.

The denoument in Witness is John’s departure from the Lapp farm. The problem of John’s love for Rachel is resolved.

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