Wk 2 - Riordan Project Management Timeline

Wk 2 - Riordan Project Management Timeline

Riordan Manufacturing Final Project Timeline – Week Two

Project Charter and Scope Statement

Project Objective
To relocate China operations to the city of Shanghai to result in significant cost savings, provide operations with a more substantial urban infrastructure, and put Riordan Manufacturing in a better position to market and ship our Chinese products throughout Asia and Europe.

Project Requirements
Introduce Project Plan
Communication Plan
Implement Project Plan 
Shanghai Site Location
Work Breakdown Structures
Design and Construction
Quality Reviews 
Shanghai Setup and Maintenance 

Move China operations to Shanghai within the next five years
Simplify shipping processes
See an increase in shipping destinations
Save on costs
Reduce shipping time

Technical Requirements
Chinese partners already have necessary facilities in place
Hangzhou city is proximal to the Qiantang River
Hangzhou Bay is large enough to carry out Riordan’s shipping needs
Trucking company rates are the same as local shipping companies
Sufficient urban infrastructure

Limits and Exclusions
Shanghai port, being 180 kilometers from the current location, results in extra logistical steps
The project must be realized within the projected time
The project must be realized within the projected cost.

Customer Review
Increases in volume of production from the China plant
China Shipping Container Lines are utilized
Ports in Shanghai and Hong Kong are utilized by container shipping companies
Riordan will be in a better market position to ship Chinese products throughout Europe and Asia.

Work Breakdown Structure

To achieve projected deliverables, work is broken down into key components which include the project planning component, the structural components, the project launch component, and the project completion part.

1. Project Planning
A. Establish Introductory Scope Statement

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