Woman Hollering Creek 9

Woman Hollering Creek 9

Karen Courson
Professor McClintock
Composition II

Woman Hollering Creek

Sandra Cisneros’ “Woman Hollering Creek” tells about a young woman named Clefilas who is the main character of the story. Clefilas struggles to prevail over romantic notions of domestic bliss by leaving her husband, and awakening the power within her. Cisneros shows how the Mexican culture traditionally puts a difference between a male and female, men above women, creating roles and expectations for women that is very different for them to break out of.

At the beginning of the story we learn that Cleofilas is engaged and preparing to marry Juan Pedro. She is rather shallow and unobservant at first for she only knows a life that her favorite soap operas the “telenvolas” lived. Growing up without a female role model she truly believed her life would be like glamorous like theirs, but Cisneros implies that role models for women in the popular “telenovelas” as well as popular music and even fairy tales all encourage women to be passive, dependent on men, and accept being abused. After marrying Juan they moved to his home located in the United States. When they first cross Woman Hollering Creek she thinks it is a funny name but believes her life is going to be “full of happily ever after.”

Shortly after being married Cleofilas receives her first beating from her husband. She always said “she would strike back if a man were to strike her.” When the moment came that he slapped her once and then repeatedly. She didn’t do anything for she was in shock and did not know how to react to the situation. She never imagined he would do such a thing to her. She wants to talk to her neighbors about it but decides they cannot help her. She is ashamed and worried that if she tells someone there will be rumors about her. She accepts her life like it is, as a conventional, well brought up girl should.


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