Woman in Hamlet

Woman in Hamlet

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Islam - The Hajj

Islam is an arabic word that means "submitting to God". Muslims believe that in the seventh century, God sent a series of revelations through the Arch angel Gabriel to a man named Muhammad, who is seen as the last prophet sent to human : ty by God. Muslims also acknolodge Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus as great prophets as well, but do not think of Jesus as the son of God.

Islam is a monotheistic religion which means they believe in one God. The believe Gods calling is to "submit" to him, which means they follow God's wishes. Muslims can be seen as very different to other religions but are actually very similar to Judaism and Christianity. They believe in one God, to serve God, and that through good deeds they can achieve heaven, or in Islam, Paradise.

The Islamic faith is basen of five pillars which support their religion. The five pillars include the Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, and the Hajj. We will try and enlighten you in the Hajj. The Hajj is a mandatery pilgrimage to be taken by any Islamic person who is able to, at least once. The Hajj represents Muhammad's pilgrimage to Mecca.

A pilgrimage is a jouney to a holy place or shrine. Each year, over two million Muslims participate in the Hajj, a spiritualistic journey to Mecca, that includes a series of different of worships over seven stages. First, the men have their heads shaven and wear a white cloth around their waist and over thier shoulder. Woman may wear any clothes they want, as long as their heads are covered.

The first stage, the pilgrims walk seven times around the Ka'bah, a cube-shaped building that Abrahambuilt a dedicated to Allah. The pilgrims must be touching or kissing the stone. Then, they run seven times between the hills of As-Safa and Al-Maruah. This is to symbolize Abraham's servant, Hagar's, search for water.

After finishing the first Z tasks, pilgrims stay over night at the village of Mina. After waking, they partake in the wokof. They meet at...

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