Women Are Better Politician Than Men...

Women Are Better Politician Than Men...

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While talking about women and their position in politics we should fristly mention what politics is.The word „politics“ derives from the greek word „polis“ which means city-state.But what qualities needs to have a leader in order to lead successfully a so called city-state.Certainly there are some criterias that a leader has to fulfill in order to be a better leader than the other one.

Skip from Be Excellent™ posted a list of eleven criteria for spotting future leaders, from Ram Charan’s book Know-How, they are:

1. They consistently deliver ambitious results.
2. They continuously demonstrate growth, adaptability, and learning better and faster than their excellently performing peers.
3. They seize the opportunity for challenging, bigger assignments, thereby expanding capability and capacity and improving judgment.
4. They have the ability to think through the business and take leaps of imagination to grow the business.
5. They are driven to take things to the next level.
6. Their powers of observation are very acute, forming judgments of people by focusing on their decisions, behaviors, and actions, rather than relying on initial reactions and gut instincts; they can mentally detect and construct the “DNA” of a person.
7. They come to the point succinctly, are clear thinkers, and have the courage to state a point-of-view even though listeners may react adversely.
8. They ask incisive questions that open minds and incite the imagination.
9. They perceptively judge their own direct reports, have the courage to give them honest feedback so the direct reports grow; they dig into cause and effect if a direct report is failing.
10. They know the non-negotiable criteria of the job of heir direct reports and match the job with the person; of there is a mismatch they deal with it promptly.
11. They are able to spot talent and see the “God’s gift” of other individuals.
Another criteria is communication. “Communication is...

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