Women Character in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

Women Character in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

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Women Characters in Pride & Prejudice
By Dhimant Kariya

No doubt, a woman can understand a woman better. Jane Austen’s skill of characterization of her women characters is far better than of her men characters. We have varieties of women characters in her novels. In ‘Pride and Prejudice’ also we come across different kinds of women characters from different sections of the contemporary society. They are drawn quite realistically. Each of female character differs from the other. If there is some duplication, as we can see in the case of Lydia and Mrs. Bennet; and Lady Catherine and Miss Bingley, it is calculative, it is intentional, and it is purposeful. We find universal appeal in Jane Austen’s women characters.

The character of Mrs. Bennet is a great comic character of the novel. She is the mother of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, kitty and Lydia. The only mission in her life to see her daughters married to young, wealthy gentlemen with fortune. She does anything she can for what she wants to do. She insists Jane, her eldest daughter, to go to Mr. Bingley’s place. She makes her stay as much as possible. When Elizabeth, the most sensible of Bennet sisters, refuses Mr. Collins, she gets angry with her. She fears of the reputation of her family and her husband as well after the elopement of Lydia but as soon as she hears of her marriage, she gets mad of joy. When she comes to know about the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy, she talks of Elizabeth’s house in the town, jewelry, carriages and that sort of things.

She is loud, empty-minded, noisy and frequently in hysterics. She does not have very good manners, and openly shares all her thoughts in public, whether they should be aired or not. She is a lady without commonsense. When it seems to her that Mr. Bingley and Jane are moving nearer to each-other, she begins the talks of their marriage in advance in public. She is a lady often creating social blunders.

Whenever she finds herself into pressure, she rushes...

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