Women Deciding on Their Own

Women Deciding on Their Own

Women should be able to make their own decisions about their family, career,
and on the foundation in which they run their lives. The government should not make
that decision for women. Abortion should remain legal because a woman should be able
to choose if the pregnancy is the best thing for her health and for her baby’s health and
life. I feel that it should be the woman’s choice on whether or not they should keep the
child. If women are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, the result is
unwanted children. As those unwanted children grow up they are uncared for, unloved,
and abandoned.

When it comes down to a child having a disorder and the percentage of the child
living isn’t good then it shouldn’t be wrong for a woman to choose an abortion. Abortion
helps save parents the agony of losing a child that will die from a disorder anyway.
Those children that are eventually going to die anyway end up costing the family a lot of
money. Therefore it prevents parents from being financially unstable.

Anti-abortion laws discriminate against low-income women, who are driven to
dangerous self-induced or back-alley abortions. That is all they can afford. But
the rich can travel wherever necessary to obtain a safe abortion according to Little Rock
Family Planning Services. (“Nine Reasons why a just society trusts women to choose.” 1)

According to Beth Azar, psychologist Mark Howe PhD of Memorial University
says “the density of an adult's childhood memories for events increases exponentially
starting after age 2. This increase in childhood memories coincides with some major
changes in the 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old consciousness. Around age 2 children begin to
develop a sense of self. Research shows that, starting at age 3, when children recount
memories they begin to add descriptions, put the memory into context and include
information about feelings.” (Azar, Beth 1)

Birth begins at conception. The Bible...

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