Women Deserve Equal Pay

Women Deserve Equal Pay

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Women Deserve Equal Pay

The real reason women get paid an huge percentage less than men is

because of sex discrimination. I don’t think it is intentional; however, it

happens, its unfair, illegal, and well -known. Women are putting in the same

number of hours with the same skill and experience in the same occupation as

men, and yet taking home wages that are lower. It is undeniable that a wage

gap exists, and there is no reason why this gap should continue to go

uncorrected or changed.

Women are being offensively discriminated against in the workforce

everyday. This occurs in a small accounting firm, retail, nonprofits, schools

and government facilities. I personally experience it. For example, at my

current job I am doing the same job as my male co-worker, yet my

employer is paying me less.

Many opponents of equal pay laws believe that single women need less money because most of these women still lived with their parents, while while married women should be housewives and mothers rather than working outside the home. The concept of Masculine

I ask myself, “How do women end up with unequal pay?” My research

shows according to Ida L. Castro that “a woman has turned down for

numerous promotions after refusing to respond favorably to sexual advances

made by her supervisor. Next “women’s job” is paid lower than a “man’s job”

in the same company a job that requires the same amount of skill, effort, and

responsibility. Finally, a man works in a ‘woman’s’ occupation and he thinks

he is paid less than if he does work in a ‘men’s’ occupation, and has less

responsibility than he does.

“The Equal Pay Act was introduced and enforced in 1963 by the

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to make sure employers don’t

pay men and women differently if the job is generally the same skill,

responsibility, and effort.” If one task requires a great deal more physical


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