Women History

Women History

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WOMEN in the U.S. vs. WOMEN in Latin Society


The study of American women and women from Latin backgrounds will help show how each culture has grown with two completely different lifestyles. The culture of these women has evolved throughout the years but within different societies. They are better today with all the changes that have been made in society. The purpose of this paper is to explain the changes and causes that these cultural diverse women have gone through.

If you look in different parts of the world, you can see that no other culture is alike. Culture changes as time passes, just like women have changed throughout the years. The women of today in both the Latin culture and American culture have been able to transform their lives because they can now vote and represent themselves in a positive manner within their society. They have both led a traditional lifestyle with the American women leaving it behind more. Both are educated and more independent. At look at how these women compare and differ will be written about.
The 19th Century American Woman
Life in the 1800’s was harder for women in their everyday lives. Family depended to contribute from each other in order to get through that day or week. They lived a traditional stay at home life. Didn’t really interact with others unless needed. The only time these women socialized was when it was time for the church gathering. Other than that all they had were their children and husband. Some women were able to escape this routine by becoming teachers. The only problem at that time was that many men considered them inferior. This created the notion that women were the weaker sex and this type of position was okay for them to carry out. Women were unable to keep their jobs if they married, earned less than male teachers and were not able to move up. The typical American woman was characterized by four basic attributes:
1) Religion was considered the source for the...

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