Women in Power Elite

Women in Power Elite

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When I hear the word elite. I think about someone who is in power.

I think about the wealthiest person, politicians, most actors,

actresses. I think about people who are behind the scenes, making the

tons of money like large owners and executives. I also

think about people who has the power to make and break a law. Being in

a couple of Sociology classes, I’ve gotten a clear definition of what

an elite is. An elite is someone who have control of wealth, privilege,

and access to decision-making.

There are both women and men that is apart of the power elite.

Lets look at Oprah. Some people might agree that even though she is not

a politician, she is inspirational and one of the most richest African

Americans in the United States. Some people would agree that she wrote

an inspirational book and had the power to influence people, makes her

apart of the power elite. There is definitely diversity in the power

elite. Although there are women in the power elite, some may say that

there are few in the circles of the power elites. Most people view

women as wives and daughters, regardless of whether or not they are on

the boards of top corporations. “Women stick to staying at home, or

helping the community doing volunteer work, leave the elite status for

men of education,” a 21-year old student of SUNY Geneseo said. He also

mentioned that less than one in every five leaders is a woman.

Taking a look at history. Women didn’t have privileges the way men

did. Affirmative action programs and social change led women to sit on

the boards of the country’s largest corporations. Women are a part of

the power elite. Women directors most often take the business route to

corporate board membership. While men usually spend years moving up in

positions, in the end joining the board, women are more likely to start

small companies or work as consultants and serve as outside...

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