Women Independence

Women Independence

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Many people believe that women have become independent. The issue of women’s independence has been widely discussed in our time. Scholars have argued for and against women’s independence. In this essay, I will bring forth opponents’ prospective regarding the fact that women have become more independent and that they can live without men. Following that, I will present proponents’ perspective regarding the same matter.

For many people, the fact that women have become more independent is of question. The first thing these people argue is that it is not the case that women are becoming more independent. In fact, today, with women’s high participation rate in the work force, it has become clear that the role of men and women in the household has become greatly interdependent. In other words, both men and women have become more dependent on each other. For example, back in the days, women would take care of most of the internal house affairs, while men would take care of the external house affairs. However, today, women are working just like men and have become involved in the external house affairs as well. Therefore, in the same way, men need to participate in internal house affairs. In brief, both women and men have become interdependent in sharing house responsibilities.

A lot of women, today, believe that life is much more tasteful and enjoyable if they have a man beside them. They say that a supportive man will greatly help them achieve their goals. For example, a businesswoman who has a supportive husband in her life will find it much easier to accomplish her business goals with her husband’s support. Furthermore, it is believed that having a man in a woman’s life will give her great emotional stability that might be difficult to find by being completely independent. For instance, one woman said, “we need a man because when we are sad or upset, we will find a shoulder to cry on. Emotionally, women cannot...

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