Women Workplace

Women Workplace

The website is provided to support you in your study in this unit. It is an important means of communication between students and teaching staff, so it is to your advantage to check it regularly and to use it in an effective and efficient way. The guidelines below have been put together with this in mind:

General advice:
• Take 15 minutes in your first week to explore the different facilities available on the website. Important facilities include the announcement function, the discuss board, links to study resources, the E-unit outline, links to I-lecture, and your private mail facility. Learning your way around these is an important first step.

• You are strongly advised to check the website at least once a week (but preferably twice). There may be important announcements that you won’t want to miss.

Using the discussion boards:
• The discussion boards are provided for you to communicate with other students. You can post comments and questions, and seek clarification from one another.

• The boards are to discuss unit-related material. Please don’t clutter them with non-related chat, as it makes it difficult for other students to navigate around the site.

• Please think before you write. Communication is the goal, so messages that are poorly structured or unclear will probably not be answered. In particular:

o As the website is an academic tool, please use standard English expression, and not ‘MSM’ or ‘text-speak’,
o Read your message before you post it to ensure that it is clear.
• A section will be set up for you to discuss and ask questions about the current assignment. Please note that this discussion is student initiated and led. Staff will monitor the responses, may occasionally respond and will ensure that information volunteered is useful and relevant to the assignment. However:

o Please read the assignment guidelines carefully before asking a question – often the answer is...

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