Womens rights

-Shakespeare world and - 1:5 – 6,
Work – women considered less than men, men played role of women ages 10- 20 for Shakespeare plays

-middle age completely dominated by men
-expected to instantly obey the father, brother or any other male family member
-disobedience was known as a crime against religion
-unruly girls were beaten to submission

▪ -The daily life of a peasant woman started at started in the summer as early as 3am
▪ She first had to prepare a breakfast, usually of pottage
▪ Work in the fields or on the land started by dawn and the daily life of a peasant woman during the Middle Ages would include this type of hard work during busy times especially harvest
▪ Preparations had to be started in order to provide the daily meals
▪ Peasant women were expected to look after small animals - geese, chickens etc
▪ Weaving, spinning and making and mending clothes were also part of a woman's work
▪ Preparing rushes for lighting
▪ Making preserves
▪ Tending the vegetable plot and collecting berries and herbs
▪ Women were also responsible for the children and need an understanding of medicines and herbs for basic nursing requirements
▪ Outside work finished at dusk, working hours were therefore longer during the summer months
▪ Women generally ate when her husband and children had finished and had little leisure time
Normal Woman’s clothing
The typical Medieval Women's Clothing during the period of 1400 - 1500 featured:
▪ The women wore long trains to their dresses
▪ These trains were shortened
▪ Sleeves became long, hanging and embroidered or fringed
▪ Women's dresses on becoming shorter were trimmed in the most costly manner
▪ The head-dresses of women consisted of very large rolls, surmounted by a high conical bonnet
▪ They began to uncover the neck and to wear...

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