Max Weber

Maximilian Carl Emil Weber was born on 21 April 1864 and died on 14 June 1920 . He was born in Efurt, Thuringia,Germany and is was the eldest of seven children, his dad being Max Weber Sr. Weber spent his life being a lawyer, politician, sociologist, economist and a scholar. One of his discoveries lie in the sociology of religion where he reflected in how religion was one of reasons for the different ways of culture and how influential religion was on the state. He most noted for this in his reflection The prostetant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. He particularly based his study on Protestantism and how this affect capitalism and bureaucracy. Another aspect Weber is known for is his the Weber Thesis. The Weber thesis focuses on the different form of authority (autocratic, charismatic,traditional etc). His analysis of bureaucracy his Economy and Society is still central to the modern study of organizations. Weber wrote many essay on the Capitalism which he believed emerged from protestant sects in America. He analyzed the development effect of different religion to culture and social stratification. Some of his major works are: Roman Agrarian History, 1891,"Roscher and Knies and the Logical Problem of Historical Economics", 1903-5, Schmoller's Jahrbuch,"The Objectivity of the Sociological and Social-Political Knowledge", 1904, Economy and Society, 1914. “politics as a vocation” 1918. General Economic History, 1923The Methodology of the Social Sciences, 1949.

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Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer was born on 27th April 1820 and died on 8th December 1903. He was a political theorist and sociological theorist of the Victorian Era. He greatest work lie in the concept of evolution. “survival of the fittest” and theory of natural selection. The theory of eve lotion focuses on there being no God and no creation story. Evolution focuses on the environment and its changes over billions that cause for the molecular creation of...

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