Won the Lekha Food Recipe Contest for Prawn Roast and Ghee Rice

Won the Lekha Food Recipe Contest for Prawn Roast and Ghee Rice

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Chapter 01
Life Biological Principles and the Science of Zoology

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The role of principles in zoology is best described as
a. All researchers should maintain high principles of conduct in research
b. All zoology rests solely upon expansion of principles of chemistry and physics
c. All principles are derived by study of a wide range of diverse animals and then finding central unifying principles
d. Past principles are constantly discarded as completely new principles replace them
E. None of the choices are a correct statement of principles underlying zoology

2. The property of living organisms that involves a unique and complex molecular organization is called
a. Growth
b. Adaptability
c. Metabolism
d. Irritability
E. Chemical uniqueness

3. A characteristic of science is that
a. It is not explained by natural laws
B. Its hypotheses are testable
c. Its conclusions are final
d. It is not falsifiable
e. It seeks to define the vitalistic forces of life

4. A cell dies and its complex organic molecules degrade into a mass of simple molecules no more organized than the non-living matter outside the cell. This feature of life, which is now lost, is
a. Growth and reproduction
b. Adaptability
c. Metabolism
d. Irritability
E. Complexity and hierarchical organization

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics of living organisms?
a. Unique and complex molecular organization
b. Response to stimuli in environment
c. Reproduction
d. Metabolism
E. All of the choices are characteristics of living organisms

6. Which hierarchy of organization is seen in multicellular organisms such as animals, going from smallest to largest?
a. Cell, organ, tissue, organism
b. Cell, organ, system, tissue
C. Cell, tissue, system, organism
d. Organism, system, organ, tissue
e. Tissue, system, cell, organ

7. The structure of a brick does not predict the design of a skyscraper. Study of muscle tissues does not allow you to predict the...

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