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Chapter 1:

Wonderings if a friend will be alright. Of course, well maybe. If you ask them you will be given consequences. How did it happen? When and where did it happen at? Some times I ponder through old memories to see if there was anything I could do, Probably. In every little detail, she knew she couldn’t get it right. Having to know that happens, she felt terrible. She doesn’t want me to say anything about it. Yes, that’s right. Do you know what I am talking about?

Chapter 2:

Yes, Areanna is pregnant. My best friend is pregnant. Oh, Please forgive me for not introducing myself, I am Nora Angleton. Along with my friend, we are Juniors at Lincoln High. We both have boyfriends. But apparently she has more than just a “boyfriend“, when I found out my jaw dropped to the ground. Areanna had tears running down her face like rain drops on a window. I felt sorry for her. And to top all of that a major scholarship was waiting for her. A child would ruin it for her. Did she tell her mom? NO! Could she tell her “boyfriend”? NO! He would leave her. But when her stomach gets bigger then he will eventually find out. Just saying. How long has it been? When did she start? Did she use protection? All of those questions were going through my head so quicky. I asked her mother if I could spend the night that night. “Of course.” she exclaimed. That night I asked her every single question I could think of. She answered all of them. No! She didn’t use protection, and she has been pregnant for one month and two weeks. She became tired, and hungry. As she slowly fell asleep, I stayed up all night thinking about how I would feel if I were to be in the same situation.

Chapter 3:

She needs to be more careful. Her mom is going to have a fit. But I told her the truth, “Areanna, you need to tell your mom.” She told me she knew that she needed to. Now, its almost time for me to go home. “Hey Nora, do me a favor and don’t let anyone know about this. I know I need to tell...