Woodcock Johnson 3rd

Woodcock Johnson 3rd

Woodcock-Johnson Third Edition (WJ-III)

WJ-III Tests of Achievement (WJ-III ACH) WJ-III Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJ-III COG)

The recent version of an individually administered assesment system that educators and psychologists have found useful in assessing intelligence and achievement. The WJ-III, which is designed for people form two years through 90 plus years includes two forms. (see above)

The highly flexible system assesses the widest array of cognitive and achievement abilities among major available test systems ans allows for administration of the entire battery or selected subtests. The WJ-III is the first major cognitive or achievement battery to assume that the person giving it has access to a computer: WJ-III with specialised software included in each test kit.

If the complete battery is administered, the WJ-III provides assessments in the following individual subjects:

verbal comprehension visual-auditory learning spatial relations sound blending concept formation visual matching numbers reversed incomplete words auditory work memory general information retrieval fluency picture recognition auditory attention analysis-synthesis decision speed memory with words rapid picture naming planning pair cancellation letter-word identification reading fluency story recall understanding direction calculation math fluency spelling writing fluency passage comprehension applied problems writing samples story recall-delayed word attack picture vocabulary oral comprehension editing reading vocabulary quantitive concepts academic knowledge spelling of sounds sound awareness punctuation and capitals

Depending on which individual subtests are administered, the WJ-III groups results into the following cognitive clusters:

verbal ability thinking ability cognitive efficiency comprehensive knowledge long term retrieval visual spatial thinking auditory processing fluid reasoning...

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