Ms. Denise Lovato
946 South Central Avenue
Spring, NP 27901

Dear Denise,
Welcome back to campus and another year of exciting Center Stage Theater Club events at Yellowhammer College! This past year marked the fifteenth anniversary of Center Stage, one of the oldest school clubs on campus. From humble beginnings (one faculty advisor and six students), we have staged dozens of productions. Even more gratifying than our tremendous growth has been the expansion of student playwrights, directors, actors, and stage hands.
At our core is a commitment to produce contemporary plays and provide unique opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world.
We fund drama scholarships and honor an outstanding scholastic drama student each semester. Center Stage also sponsors a group to travel to London over the Christmas holiday to attend West End productions. This popular tour is open to all students.
This Halloween, we will partner with our friends in the Audio and Film Production Department to live-stream scary tales by Edgar Allen Poe and other authors performed as a live radio play. We’ll be performing in front of a live audience complete with sinister music, creepy sound effects, and nerve-wracking suspense.
Our mission is to provide theatrical opportunities for students and other members of the community through the production of live theater. We’re honored to serve our campus community.
Attached you’ll find a brochure you can share with folks interested in joining Center Stage. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to volunteer or have comments or questions.
Scott Forrest
Associate Professor, Theater Department
Faculty Advisor

About the Center Stage Theater Club
Advisor: Scott Forrest (910) 875-0101
Room: 224 North Mason Hall
Activity Sites: Mason Hall and Callback Theater

Statement of Purpose
The Yellowhammer College Center Stage Theater Club shares an interest in theatrical events,...

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