Wordpress Seo

Wordpress Seo

A Search Engine Optimization Guide for Wordpress by Jai Nischal Verma (www.blogohblog.com)

According to recent statistics, Wordpress accounts for 0.8% of the web which makes Wordpress the best choice for any enthusiast blogger. Hundreds and thousands of blogs are created every day which use Wordpress as the blogging CMS (Content Management System), but not all of them are optimized for good search engine rankings. In this guide, I will instruct you how to quickly set up your Wordpress installation for the best SEO results and make your website more search engine friendly. You might know some of these techniques already, but the following steps will play the role of a checklist for you. Follow the steps carefully and try not to miss out on any of them in order to acquire the best results for your blog.

Step I – Blog Title & Taglines

I am assuming that you know how to install Wordpress for yourself. If not, please refer to http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress. After the installation is completed, go to the wp-admin and under the Options -> General tab, fill out your Blog title and the tagline. Make sure that your Blog title is meaningful and your tagline is search engine friendly. The tagline should basically summarize what you do on your blog and ensure that you target the right keywords for your website. Fill in the rest of the information and we are done with this step.

 Step II – Update Services
Under the Options, go to the next tab called Writing and scroll down to the Update Services text box. Here you can input a list of update services separating them with line breaks (pressing the enter key). These are basically websites which maintain a list of all the current weblog updates in different areas. When you make a post, Wordpress will ping these websites to inform them that you have updated your blog. Doing this will make your blog more social and also get you additional traffic through these update services. People who browse...

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