Work Based Assignment

Work Based Assignment

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Adriana Johnson

Practical Manager – Introductory Certificate

Work Based Assignment

Word Count: 1300

The Organisation and MY Role within It.

1.0 The Organisation

The organisation I work for is called, a small company with 18 employees. We specialize in selling intimate apparel, especially bigger sizes bras. We buy discounted or discontinued lines so we can pass our savings onto the customers, offering them garments for up to 70% off.

Our business consists of 3 shops and a website, where half of our turnover comes from the stock sold on the web and the other half would be the three shops combined.
Both web operations and one of the shops are based in Luton, together with the warehouse and the head office.

1.1 My Role

My job title is Head Office Manager and I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. I have to make sure that staff work as efficient as possible, prepare rotas and payrolls. I have to cash up daily envelopes and double check the takings. My other duty is to make sure that all the expected deliveries has arrive, organise unpacking and dispatch of the new stock and upload it onto the website.
(Company Structure – Appendix 1)

The Situation and Why Change or Improvement is needed

2.0 Situation

Since I have started working for Brame our biggest problem was the stock system that shows us the levels that do not match with the stock that is physically on the rails.

Our biggest problem in regard to our stock system is out of stock web orders (Appendix 2)

Every out of stock order takes from 8 to 10.5 extra minutes. On average we are getting 15 out of stock orders per day. If a person gets £6 per hour in wages, that means that every day we are loosing about £13.88 and over £5000 in a year.

Out of stock web orders have a huge impact on many aspects of our business:
- Customers –do not feel satisfied with their purchase
- Staff - do not feel comfortable when...

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