Work Design-Nowadays

Work Design-Nowadays

Nowadays, it becomes a must for each human being to have a fine stable job. A job is important for the reason that it is a way for us to earn money, and money is a way for us to survive in this world. In fact, no money, no lives, without money we are hardly survive because everything is costing in the world now. In addition, citizens are increasingly concerned with their quality of life; everybody needs job to be relying on and to live on. What is more, by earning an income and becoming independent gives a person the opportunity to solve some of his problems.

We have to put effort and be aggressive to get our desired job; else we cannot obtain a good job easily unless we struggle for it. On the other hand, more and more different kind of jobs exists in the world now. It is springing up like mushrooms after the rain. In an organization, work design is created in order to increase effectiveness of this organization, quality, and through-put. In some way, this work design limits an employee’s control over his own job because of the existence of these set of rules or principles that he has follow.

In the other simple words, job design is really important in any types of job in the aim of increasing the effectiveness within the job field and also, the product or service of the job. Before that, let the writer explain what the theories that appears and being used behind work design. Those theories came from the principles of Frederick Taylor which talked much about 5 principles of scientific management and Herzberg which talked about the quality of working life with his Motivator-Hygiene Model.

There are two quite famous professions among peoples in the world today. In this essay, I will be discussing about two professions; bookshop manager and a primary school teacher. First and foremost, career as a bookshop manager. Talking about bookshop manager career, it seems to be an easy and relaxing job. But in actual fact, it is a challenging job especially to the...

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