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To obtain a permanent position of employment that will effectively utilize acquired expertise and commitment to excellence, I desire to be in positions that demand hard work, teamwork, organization and growth potential.
Skill Set Summary
• Knowledge of the effective cleaning techniques needed to keep the work environment clean and hygienic.
• Ability to maintain heating, cooling and water systems and to detect problems and report of any discrepancies to appropriate authorities.
• Excellent knowledge and keen awareness of the techniques needed to maintain the areas in restaurants.
• An ability to understand and follow instructions and ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing.
• A keen interest in learning more and applying the knowledge to the job assigned.
• Learn quickly, and able to work under pressure.
• Practical experience in every phase of restaurant work
• Possess a sharp memory and excellent listening skills, resulting in highly accurate order placement.
• Known for exceeding customer expectations and maintain poise and a sense of humour in stressful environment.
Work Experience

Jersey City – Part-Time Sales Associate

• Responsible for helping customers with hard to find sports-related merchandise.
• Knowledge of sport team apparel from every league (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and EPL)
• Responsible for handling new stock of sports apparel and autograph memorabilia

Earls Restaurant - Cleaner
2009 - 2010
• Responsible for the cleanliness of tables and furniture occupied by customers, kitchen and restrooms
• Maintaining the appearance and sanitation of all the areas in the restaurant and ensuring that they are not contaminated in any manner.
• Disinfection of customers eating areas after leaving to ensure that the germs are killed and there is no chance of spreading of contamination.
• Keeping records about the...

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