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1. In source 1A the riot on national woman’s day wasn’t very major, but there were many men and woman rioting in the streets for change. There were up to 90 000 workers rioting on this day and they were all staying peaceful, but rioting at the same time. Source 1B shows us that the workers wanted power and they wanted a capitalism to be implemented. The way in which these sources are similar is that they were both peaceful riots and they both wanted change for the workers and peasants.

2. They both show us how the idea of War communism destroyed Russia’s economy and how the people suffered from malnutrition and lack of jobs. The sources show us that they wanted change and a new economic idea that would benefit the people and boost Russia’s economy so that everyone would be happy. The idea of War communism caused peasants to rebel against the rules and people started to create other parties to try compete with the government, but the government got rid of these parties.

3. We need to make a change in our society. Our economy is in a crisis and our people are dying off. We need to give our people basic needs because everyone has rights. I think that we should implement a good education system that the state can pay for, but the state must still charge tax. Farmers must be able to sell their own food to make a living and people should be able to open small businesses. Factories must pay their workers and people should get paid for how hard they work and should get bonuses to motivate them to work harder.

4. Source 1C because it shows us how the idea of War communism destroyed Russia and its people. The source has all the information of what happened in this period and what type of rules were implemented. This just showed us how people must have battled through this time. Factories were hardly managing to run and workers were not getting paid for working. Peasants had malnutrition and many were dying. This source is important because it showed us how...

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