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What are the refugees’ policies?

Refugees normally constitute approximately 10% of the annual flow of newcomers. The only disadvantage is that the Canadian refugee policy risks can tear families apart. Canada came a very long way from a refugee policy that was once defined by the infamous “none is too many” position toward Jews. In the decades following World War II we opened our doors to refugees fleeing their home country. We resettled survivors of war and tyrannical regimes and did so efficiently and successfully. Canada did not lose its compassion or expertise. As a wealthy and peaceful country, we have a shared international responsibility to be a safe haven for refugees and to treat them with fairness, said “Ken Rosenberg, Chair, Jewish”

What is Canada’s refugee system?

Canada’s refugee system is all about humanity. Canada has recognized this as a human right. It helps a lot of people who fled away from their home country due to what’s happening there. If there wasn’t a system to help all these refugees, lots of people would have been killed in their country, or something happened to them. They can send claims to USA, but who knows, their claims might be rejected. It is like a domestic refugee protection system. Canadians’ compassion and fairness are a source of great pride for them. Every person is entitled to protection from persecution. There are lots of programs to help refugees from all over the world, there’s one for people who are seeking protection from outside Canada, and there’s another one for people making refugee protection claims from within Canada, these are the major ones.

How does the Canadian refugee system work?

Basically this system works by offering refugee protection to people in Canada who face persecution in their home country or where they used to live. You can also make a refugee claim within Canada when you first arrive, or you can make a refugee claim outside of Canada. People who make decisions about...

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