Working Principle Fote Stone Production Line

Working Principle Fote Stone Production Line

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Fote heavy industry stone production line is widely used in construction and building industry.Stone production line has a high degree of automation,in addition to equipment boot downtime and routine maintenance,also has the simple process,hardly need manual operation. Its high efficiency,low operating cost,large output,product gravel granularity and grain shape is good,accord with national highway material requirements.

Large stone materials from the storage hopper are evenly and continuously fed into jaw crusher through vibrating feeder for primary crushing; the crushed materials are transported to cone crusher or impact crusher for fine crushing through belt conveyor;then the materials are transported to vibrating screen to be separated into different sizes.The end products with desired sizes will be transported to the final product pile and those with big sizes will return to the cone crusher or impact crusher for re-crushing.This forms closed and continuously automatic cycles.The plant can be equipped with dust removing facilities to protect environment according to customers' requests.

Efficient stone production line not only has a good recovery effect for mineral resources, also is an integral part of national infrastructure construction equipment.How to improve the efficiency of the stone production line?This is the direction which Fote heavy industry has been trying to do.

Improving the crushing equipment is an effective way to improve the efficiency of stone production line,select suitable crushing equipment,change material machining process,and reduces the granularity of the material,improve material collocation of calorific value uniformity,this is the best way to improve the stone production line efficiency and the benefits.

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