Working Principles, Technical Parameters of Corn Flour Milling Machine

Working Principles, Technical Parameters of Corn Flour Milling Machine

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Our corn flour milling machine adopts pneumatic control that has the advantages of high sensitive action, clean with no polution to the environment. It can be used by single or combined style. The feeding system adopts double grinding rollers, together with the drive to achieve stablity and reliablity.

The corn flour milling machine has the advantages of novel structure, discharging equally, less noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance etc.

Professional corn flour milling machine, which can process the low-fat corn flour with different granularity, corn grits, corn bran, corn germ and so on, then if we carry the deep processing for the above production, we also can get some kinds of corn food, such as fast food congee, corn oil ect. And we have the staff who can as the customers' need to design and install all machines.

All our corn flour milling machine has 10-100 T/D, which uses the whole steel structure that can process corn into all kinds of refined flour. Choose most popular, good function, and lower noise machine. And we will also supply complete design for all kinds of corn flour milling plant including workshop building of the factory, steel silos,cement silos and necessary assistant system.

Working principle:
Cylinder separator -Bucket elevator -Computerized automatic moisture controller -Screw conveyor -Damper -Screw conveyor -Bucket elevator -Gravity destoner - Magnetic separator -Horizontal Scourer -Bran brusher -Vibrating sifter - Temper mixer -Screw conveyor -Final bin- corn flour milling machine
Description of corn flour milling machine process:
1. Grain Clean: sieve, hit, destone, magnetic separation, air separation etc processes.
2. Peeling: peeling can use sand roller mill, peel grinding white by sand mill grinding and wiping funcation.
3. Coarse Crushing and Fine Selection: there are many coarse crushing machine, commonly have gear roll grinder, the hammer type grinder, claw type grinder and sand disk...

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