Working Together in a Cohesive Manner

Working Together in a Cohesive Manner

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Analysis of Team Charter

In order to achieve goals, either in the classroom or the workplace, people need to work together in a cohesive manner. Often times the desire for personal satisfaction and recognition can make it hard to be part of a team. Strong personalities or an unwillingness to share responsibilities can keep the team from achieving its stated goals.

To be an effective team, all members must be willing and ready to participate in the group discussions, have a clear understanding of the objectives or goals of the team, be flexible, open-minded, and capable of assisting and supporting the other team members. In this essay I will offer my analysis of our team’s charter and how we can use it to improve performance and successfully reach our goals.

Effective teams are those in which all members have an understanding of the different personalities and work habits of the individuals that make up their team. Often the easiest method for developing this information is by discussing each members skills and capabilities and then drawing on that knowledge to create a team charter that clearly and definitively states the team’s mission, the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, the rules by which the team will operate and the consequences if the rules are not followed. With a clearly defined team charter, it will be easier to handle conflicts that may arise and prevent the team from achieving its goal.

Within any team, there are bound to be several personality types. Some will be extroverted and will enjoy working with people. These types will make good leaders and may actually pursue a leadership role. While some of our members have strengths in organizing and researching, others can provide their creativity or abilities to keep the team focused on achieving its goal. Keeping the lines of communication open will avoid confusion and result in the successful completion of our team’s tasks.
The team charter becomes a useful tool that...

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