Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

In this time and age you would like to think that discrimination has diminished and is no longer seen, especially in the workplace. Does it really make any difference where you come from or what race you are? Unfortunately many employers do look at such things, like the color of your skin. A non significant factor for most can actually become a huge factor in the workplace.

Some examples of racial discrimination are situations when a worthy candidate is overlooked for a certain position because of there race. However this doesn’t necessarily mean that they were a minority. Now there are cases in which a Caucasian may be over looked to give the minority the chance for the position. Then there are situations when minorities of color are overlooked because employers may feel they are unworthy of the position. Or they feel they are unqualified for the position without even looking over there credentials. In some cases a minority may even come in to turn in their application and an employer may even just throw the application away without even looking it over.

Other times situations can take another turn where a certain employer will only employ a certain type of employee based on there own race. For example a Hispanic employer may only employ Hispanic employees. All these different situations can take a negative effect on all different types of people. Even when a minority does pass the application process they can become victims of other situations such as unfair pay or victims of false accusations. They may also be faced with jobs that they don’t have to do because other employees don’t want to do. Some people don’t make the same amount of money as others because of there qualifications. Unfortunately in some other situations its not the qualifications rather then the fact that they might be a minority. Then there are some situations where a minority may be falsely accused for what another employee has done. Many...

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