Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Running Head: Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness in the Workplace

In today’s society people seems to live in the workplace than their own homes. People are so consumed with their jobs; they have lost sight of taking care of their personal needs. Many organizations should have a wellness program included in their daily operation. Workplace wellness programs have gradually gain popularity. A wellness program can help increase job performance and satisfaction and healthcare cost. The goal of any organization is to be successful and contributing to its employees’ good health can be a great asset to the success. The programs include training and education to help not only the employee, but also their families. The creation of a wellness program in the workplace would offer employees information on healthy living which will ultimately help them take better care of their bodies and as a result become more productive worker.

No matter how many businesses operate in the world of advanced technology, without its employees the business would not be complete. It is essential for companies to help provide employees a service that encourage good fitness and wellness practice which will lead to better health. When employees feel happy and healthy, it can help the company to transform into a happier work environment and a better organization. A wellness program in the workplace can be an incredible technique for employees to help support and encourage each other (Infomedia, 2007).
The investment of a wellness program can increase employee health and turnaround rates (Canadian Business, 2007). Beginning a fitness program is not inexpensive but businesses should view it as an investment, not a liability. With the start of a new program there are always positive and negative issues at the beginning phase of the program. The positive effects of the wellness and fitness program would be beneficial to the organization because they would invest in a...

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