World History Interview

World History Interview

Melanie Ellner during the summer /08
Future Social Studies Teacher AP World History Assignment B

Leonardo DaVinci Interview

Q1. What inspired you to paint “The Mona Lisa”? Was she a real person?

A1. That’s a funny story actually. If you look back to the self portrait of me, you might notice that the Mona Lisa’s smile looks a little like my own. What I had done was try to do another self portrait of myself and when I realized the face looked a little feminine, I decided to go with it. I ended up giving the face long hair and breasts and made it into a woman rather than myself. So, to answer your question, Mona Lisa really wasn’t a real person. I guess you can say she was just a part of me!

Q2. Did you invent the helicopter?

A2. Well I drew a device which I called the helix. It had overhead propellers. I never took it beyond the drawing though. However, I did draw, draft, build and test a parachute. I made it out of a canvas on a wood pyramid. It worked.

Q3. Were you always interested in math, science, and anatomy?

A3. Oh yes, I’ve always been inquisitive. Even as a young boy I just wanted to learn more and more. I wanted to know about everything. I just couldn’t help it. I would always read books and more books on anything I was interested in at the time. I used to drive my teachers crazy with questions.

Q4. Tell me about the differences between being an apprentice and teaching apprentices.

A4. Well, when I was in the hands of Verrocchio, I had to do everything his way. Although I eventually surpassed him in skills, it took a long way to get there. When that time finally came, the sense on accomplishment was amazing. When it finally came my turn to teach, the way Verrocchio did for me, if felt incredible. I was now he teacher. I now had the power. People had to listen to me this time. And I passed on some of my knowledge and skills along to other apprentices.

Q5. Did you think it was that important to move...

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