World Lit

World Lit

Ross McGregor

English 115

26 August 2008


In a world of individuality and originality, how can equality exist? There are several different groups of individuals who claim they are being oppressed or not treated fairly. Everyone fights for equality. “Our rights are not equal,” “statuses and treatments are not equal,” “this does not equal that.” In this new generation, women want to be considered equal to men. They are looking to break away from the stereotypical roles they played in previous generations and start fending for themselves. What they do not see is that the equality they seek may not be fair or right. A lot of women think being a house wife is degrading and they want to make their own way in the world. That is all fine, but they want to get rid of certain stigmatisms, yet they still want to ride the coat tails of the privileges women enjoyed from before. They want to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak.
With all this said, can equality truly exist with all of our differences? Men and women are like Yin and Yang. When taken apart they are two completely different pieces but put together they make a perfect circle. So has equality not already been achieved? It all depends on the looking glass. I was watching the television the other day and as I was dodging all the unrealistic reality shows, I came across a wildlife documentary on the discovery channel. They were showing the roles of males and females in different species. In several of the relationships, the males were the providers and protectors, while the women were the nurturers and the teachers. There were a few deviations like in the lion’s pride where the females are the hunters and gatherers while the male is used mostly for protection and reproduction. You might think that since the females can hunt for themselves, they should be able to protect themselves, also. And this could very well be true except when confronted by rival males or even...

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