World Religions Report

World Religions Report

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Jesus and Muhammad

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Christianity and Islam have focused primarily around two individuals, Jesus Christ and the prophet Muhammad. Each has left an undeniable mark on followers of both religions with both Jesus and Muhammad leaving behind extensive amounts of historical life lines to be explored and studied.
Jesus or Jesus Christ and in ancient times called Yeshu the Nazarene, was born in the land of Bethlehem or in or near Nazareth around the year 4 BCE to Jewish parents named Mary, who is said to have conceived him as a virgin, and Joseph a carpenter from Bethlehem. The birth of Jesus occurred in Bethlehem mainly due to a mandatory Roman ruling that required individuals to return to their ancestral cities of birth for a census. Shortly after arriving to Bethlehem there were no available occupancies for Mary and Joseph to take shelter, therefore causing them to take refuge in a stable among animals where Jesus was said to be born. The life of Jesus as a child has not been recorded or found as of yet with the earliest notification coming at the age of twelve years of age, which was written in the gospel of Luke. Later recordings on the life of Jesus were put in to text in the four gospels, which included Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist in the river known as Jordan so he and other individuals could repent for their sins and become sanctified and spiritually purified.
According to the gospel of John, Jesus began to gather disciples after being baptized by John in the Jordan river starting with the fisherman called Simon (called Peter), Andrew the brother of Peter, James, and John brother of James who were apart of the twelve disciples who all perceived Jesus as the Messiah. Each were required to leave all personal possessions behind if they were to accompany him so they could focus more on the life of the spirit rather than give too much attention to materialistic items and physical comforts ....

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