World Trade Center

World Trade Center

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World Trade Center
Roberto J Marquez
CGD 218
Benjamin Newsome
April 26, 2010

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World Trade Center
The World Trade Center in New York City was first thought up in 1946. Even
though a bill was passed for the project, the plans were put on hold in 1949 due
to the poor economy. David Rockefeller passed on an idea to the Port Authority
to build the World Trade Center to help stimulate the economy.

For the project to start, both New York and New Jersey Port Authorities needed
to come to an agreement. But in 1961, Governor Meyner from New Jersey was
against it. He did not like the fact that New York was going to be getting a $337
million project. During this time the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad was loosing
its’ commuters due to the bridges and automobile tunnels being used. So in
December 1961 Austin J. Tobin who was the Port Authority director, had a
meeting with the new governor of New Jersey Richard J. Hughes. The Port
Authority would take over Hudson & Manhattan Railroad and would move the
project to the Hudson Terminal which would be more convient for New Jersey
commuters. The over seeing powers would now be Port Authority Trans –
Hudson (PATH). New Jersey liked the new changes and agreed to support the
project. Now New York City Mayor John Lindsey and the New York City Council

World Trade Center 3

also needed to agree. On August 3, 1966 all parties were satisfied and...

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