World Trade Centers

World Trade Centers

World Trade Center
By: Michaela Brewster
CON 101
April 28th, 2005


I hereby certify that the contents contained within are my original work and have in no way been influenced by outside works other than my own personal research.

In this paper, I am going to write about the World Trade Center, specifically the Twin Towers. I am going to talk about the event that occurred on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, and how that day affected American’s. I will also be talking about where the WTC Complex is located, who built it, and how it was built. In addition, I will also be talking about how I would build the WTC in the year 2005. What I would to differently and what I would do the same. Also, what I would add on to the WTC Complex. Overall, the Twin Towers were amazing structures, and will someday be built again, bigger and better this time.

The event that took place in New York City on September 11th, 2001, was amongst the worst building disasters and loss of lives from any single building disaster in the United States. A total of 2,830 lost their lives that day at the World Trade Center, including 403 emergency responders. There was a shock over the nation by the attacks and resulting collapse of office buildings that were in use every single day (Barbash).
The World Trade Center is located on New York City’s lower West side, adjacent to the Hudson River at the southern tip of Manhattan. The WTC site itself consists of 16 acres, with buildings grouped around a 5-acre plaza (Johnson). The WTC Complex was made up of a total of seven buildings. It consisted of two 110-sotry buildings, known as the “twin towers”, and five smaller buildings which are still standing. The buildings were economical structures built to keep the wind bracing on the outside surfaces (Johnson). The WTC plaza was originally built by Port Authority. The groundbreaking for construction was on August 5th, 1966. Steel assembly began in...

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