World War Ii Ostracism

World War Ii Ostracism

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Mario Solórzano
1st period
Mr. Sanon

In our modern world, society has been saturated with symbols, images and logos that represent ostracisms. Ostracism is a way of excluding anyone from anything such as killing them for their skin color. An example of Ostracism can be such as when the Nazis forced the Jews to wear a badge, a yellow star inscribed with the word Jude to identify, deprive, starve and finally murder of the Jews of Europe. And image of ostracism can be when you see a person not be able to go to a public school because of his race, religion, and culture. And very lastly a very symbolic thing that can represent ostracism can be the swastika. The swastika is mostly use to represent the Nazis. In this essay I’m going to also give a little part of history of how the Nazi use ostracism to almost take over Europe and the whole world

Information can be relevant and shocking, but why shocking. Let me explain a little. What is ostracism? Ostracism can be an action that can take place without anyone knowing, ostracism can be a very simple diminutive thing so easy that you can hurt so many people. Ostracism can take place anywhere from schools to hospitals. Let me give you a small scenario of ostracism. Someone is walking down the street and he stops and waits for the bus at the bus stop. He notice that there a bench that said whites only. The Time passes and the bus comes, the door slowly opens and everyone gets in, except of that one guy, the guys asks the bus driver why can’t I ride the bus. And the bus driver looks away and says this is a white bus only, wait for the other bus. This is an example of the of ostracism when the civil right movement was taking place in the U.S

The holocaust was the product of all of the ostracism that was inflicted to the Jews. The Nazis use simple things like the Star of David to ridiculously embarrass them.
Many Jews just to survive have gone through so many things. Recently I have read...

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