World War Ii

World War Ii


Case Study: George Plimpton

Answer Sheet

Muhammad Siddiqui


Mr. Miceli

Part 1
Q1) What should George do? A1) George should not join the army.
Q2) Give two reasons to support your answer. A2) George should not join the army. Firstly, because his wife doesn’t not want him to go. Would he rather leave his newly married wife all by herself or go to the war to please his parents and not to be known as a coward. I think he is a husband before he is a soldier.
And secondly, if they planned to have a family, it cannot be complete without him. His family has higher status that the military. George parent might be disappointed but will eventually realize that their son made a smart decision.
Q3) List three alternative courses of action that are available to George.
i. Join the army and fight for his country and thus leaving his family alone.
ii. Do not join the army or help the army in any way and continue living his life.
iii. Provide services to the army. For example making a farm which will be the source of food for the soldiers.
Q4) What might be the consequences of each alternative?
A4) If he chooses to fight for his country, he would be making his parents, friends and relatives proud of him. But at the same time he would be abandoning his newly married wife and their future family plans. Although, his wife does not want him to join the army thus he would be disobeying his wife.
If he chooses not to join the army, his parents would be disappointed and he might be known as a coward. But he will be successful in living a happy life with his newly married wife, Shirley. And his family will have a better support from George.
If he chooses to help the army by providing different services, that would be the...

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