Worship Evangelism

Worship Evangelism

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WRSP 410

"How does worship relate to evangelism?"

True Christian worship is a powerful tool of evangelism itself. Good worship is just by nature evangelistic. No one have to design worship to be evangelistic. I agree with this author, Sally Morgenthaler. She again and again emphasizes this point throughout her work. Sally subtitles her book, Worship Evangelism, with the phrase "Inviting Unbelievers in the Presence of God." Her premise, at least for the opening chapters, is that true, free, open, honest, spirit-filled worship is evangelism at its best.

In this postmodern day, many churches have adopted the popular seeker-sensitive model. Some churches have even split their services, with one service for unbelievers, and another service for Christians. I have been to ‘Willow Creek Conference’ twice in South Barrington, Illinois in 2003 and 2005. This church designed their Sunday gatherings around evangelism. They used dance, art, drama, music, images, and teachings, which were geared purely for unbelievers in the community. I was amazed that they actually put all these different worship styles in one service, and they were all pointing out the main theme at each Sunday Service. The service was authentic. They had their point. Their messege was simple but it was strong enough to publicize who is God, and what He has done for us. God has used these churches to reach thousands of people that may have never stepped on their foot in a traditional church setting. One thing that I want to point out with this strategy of church is that it assumes that unbelievers are not interested in Christian worship and can’t experience the bigness and the nearness of God in a Worship gathering, and it happens when they lose their authenticity of worship to God. We all have to cautious about what we do in worship. People easily put more time and efforts in their worship styles and their worship setting. Worship is supposed to be worship to God. It is...

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