WOW waffle

WOW waffle

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WOW Waffle

Proposal for

WOW Waffle
(15 – 11 – 2013)


Culinary Art Club

Executive Summary

A survey was conducted at Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR), Petaling Jaya campus during 26 – 28 November 2013 for understanding students’ preference towards the products, which the products will be sold for fund raising event. Thirty students had voluntary participated in the survey session. The survey included 15 questions about student’s opinion toward overall features of the product that will be sold. The surveys’ result were analysed, the mutual preferences of students toward the products were recorded. Survey completion rates were high and data quality appeared were good. As a conclusion, waffle and fruit juice will be sold in the event.
The Culinary Art Club was formed in 2011. The purpose of Culinary Art Club are described on page (refer to page for club description) of this report. Committees who are in charged in the flea market event (3 – 4 November 2013) are from Culinary Art Club’s Pastry Group (refer to page for event committee details). The booth in the flea market was named WOW Waffle.
Procedure and some budget calculations for this event were planned. A promotion poster (refer to appendix page , figure ) was created for this event and will be attached to some notice boards in UTAR (25 November 2013) one week before the event.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR) Centre of Foundation Studies has planned for a Christmas cum New Year dinner for students and staff. However, the centre lack of fund to have this major event. Thus, 2-day flea market event had been decided by the centre in order to raise fund on 3 -4 December 2013. As one of the member in UTAR, five members from Culinary Art Club are willed to set up WOW Waffle booth...

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