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“According to Christian, he says that WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) is more secured connection then WPA for a home network”. I would agree with him to an extent. But why would you want to have a strong secured home network connection? Here is some question you should think about be considering a wireless connection. Are you going to be transmitting very personal data like credit card number, social security numbers? Are you still safe having a secured wireless connection? Can I still be hacked? So after you thought about these questions let go ahead and see what is the right solution.

According to Richards (2008) as many of 70% of home wireless networks are insecure and accessible to hackers (Richards 2008). That is a huge percent of home wireless networks to not have any wireless security but why? Most people don’t realize about the whole intention of a wireless network. How when you have a wireless network you are broadcasting information thru radio frequency know as packets. Running an unsecured wireless network can be very bad any hacker can simply use a tool usually called an air sniffer, which will simply pull a packet out of the transmission of the wireless network, open it and see whatever you are transmitting at any given time. This can be very dangerous if you are sending credit card information or any personal information, at that point you can become a victim of identity theft very easily.

Why doesn’t everyone secure their wireless connection? Nolte (2006) vendors that make home wireless network products want it to be easy to setup right out of the box (Hardie 2006). That is why no one takes the time to secured there wireless connection because usually the product goes plug me in and I will work you can have internet where ever you are in your house. But what if vendors took the time to explain to the basic home user how important it is to secure their wireless connection? Would vendors lose business are would they gain business? I...

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