Wright Holster

Wright Holster

Wright Holster Inc.
“The right holster with the right fit”

Prepared August 5, 2013

Chief Executive Officer

4898 South Wright Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84118
800-Wright1 (914-4421)

Table of Contents
A. Executive Summary 3
A1. Business Identification 3
A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives 3
A3. Keys to success 3
B. Company Summary 5
B1. Industry History 5
B2. Legal Form of Organization 6
B3. Location and Facilities 7
B4. Management Structure 7
B5. Products and Services 8
C. Market Analysis 10
C1. Target Market 10
C2. Industry Analysis 11
C3. Competitive Analysis 11
D. Market Strategy 13
D1.Four P’s: 13
1. Product 13
2. Pricing 13
3. Promotion 14
4. Place (Distribution) 15
D2. Price List 15
D3. Selling Strategy 16
D4. Sales Forecast 17
E. Implementation Strategy 18
E1. Overall Strategy 18
E2. Target Dates, Goals and Objectives for Implementation 18
E3. Control Plan 19
F. Financial Statements and Projections 21
F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate 21
F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement 22
F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet 22
G. Financial Report 23
G1. Financial Projections 23
G1a. Break-Even point 23
G1b. Financial Position 23
G1c. Estimated Capital/Investment Needs 24
Works Cited 25

A. Executive Summary
A1. Business Identification

Wright Holster Inc. is located in Salt Lake City Utah. Wright Holster Inc. will be the industry leader in the holster market. Wright Holsters will be available through the entire United States and available worldwide via the internet. Wright Holster Inc. strives to make the time between a gun being drawn from the holster and the time it is shot, shorter. It accomplishes this through a new technology that wirelessly releases the gun allowing the user to remove it faster.

A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives

Wright Holster Inc’s mission is to improve the safety of all gun carriers, by enabling a weapon to be drawn quicker. Company...

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