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Write About Something

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‘Hello, Elizabeth, can you bail me out of this place now? You know they will never allow me to go to the party. Please, Elizabeth!’ Kimberly pleaded me as usual. I had no choice but to help her lie to her parents that she will be staying over at my house to study again.

It was hard for me to reject her. We have been best friends since primary school and she knew that I would help her, no matter what happens after that. Her parents were extremely strict with her, especially her father; never allow her to attend any friends’ birthday party and class outings. I had to help her to get out of this trouble no matter what the consequences is as I would not want to see her getting into another lashing from her father if he saw her sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night.

However, this time, I felt a strange sense of uneasiness. I was not very sure if I was doing the right thing. Normally, she would be at the party for about an hour and then return to my house to spend the rest of the night, but this time round was kind of unusual. Kimberly broke the curfew that I had imposed for her. It had been three hours and she was not back yet. As the time passed, I started to worry for her. I kept pacing up and down in my room. I tried to contact her on her mobile phone but all was directed to the voicemail. Wild thoughts start popping out in my mind. Did she get raped by one of the boys there? Did she get kidnapped on her way home? I tried to calm myself down and pushed away all these thoughts.

I did not sleep at all. I kept staring at the clock and cooled my heels and waited for her till the next morning. There is still no sign of Kimberly. I felt that something was not right and decided to inform her parents. They decided to make a police report. A few policemen and her parents turned up at my house and bombarded me with questions as I was the last to see her. Kimberly’s father gave me a deathly stare and asked me, ‘I thought Kimberly was supposed to be...

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