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Jerusalem "The bleeding heart of our nation"

The sanctity of Jerusalem has an extremely unique situation that differs from any other sacred place all over the world, since it’s sacrosanct for all the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is the Holy Land that Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, immigrated to and settled in. Christians consecrate it for being the cradle of Jesus Christ, peace be on him, where he was miraculously born and spent most of his life. For us as Muslims, we sanctify it much more because it is the first Kiblah in Islam which Muslims used to head for in prayers, the third of the other two sanctuaries and the place from which Our Prophet Muhammad started his nocturnal journey to the seven heavens.

All news agencies, space channels and different means of media have reported to readers, listeners and viewers everywhere the excessive use of Israeli military power against the unarmed Palestinians. They’ve never differentiated among the children, the women and the elderly. Their Prime Minister Sharon, the greatest habitual war criminal of all time, profaned the sacredness of Al Aksa Mosque under escort of three thousand soldiers armed to the teeth. They desecrated the church of Nativity when they besieged those who sought refuge in. They even prevented reporters from covering their disgraceful acts at Jinin Camp where they massacred innocents demolished houses over their inhabitants and practiced all forms of genocide. They claim that the Palestinians’ self – defense is terrorism, so their reaction is justifiable. Since silence has become the universal language of the world, we must recover what’s ours by all means available.

All peace loving nations, especially Muslims,...

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