Writing Course Contnt

Writing Course Contnt

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Writing Course Content

EDU352: Foundations of Educational Technology

April 29, 2013

I chose to use The Graph Club 2.0 this website Make graphs easy to create and understand! Enhance your students' math skills with the Graph Club 2.0 -- the innovative and easy-to-use tool for creating, exploring, interpreting and printing graphs.
The technology out of Chapter 4 that I chose to use was the interactive whiteboard. This is a large interactive display that resembles a dry-erase board.

I chose to do a lesson for Kindergarten-1st grade children. This is a preview of what my lesson will consist of (I have included a picture above, of the end result). I will read the children a story about animals, while they are listening to the story they will write down (tally) how many animals are in the story. Together we will take the tallies and turn them into a bar graph (like pictured above). The reason I chose to use the whiteboard in this lesson is because I will be able to show them all at once how to transfer tallies and put them into a bar graph.
The learning objectives for this lesson will be:
1. Compare different representations of the same data. (the children will see tallies and the bar graphs will show the exact same data however in 2 different forms).
2. The students will learn how to make connections (listening to the story to creating a bar graph).
3. The students will learn to work independently (listening to the story and tallying the animals) and in a group (converting the tally into a bar graph).

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