Writing for an Audience 3

Writing for an Audience 3

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Writing For An Audience
1057 N Parkside Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
July 27, 2008

Mindy Ed – Owner
Jason Luck – Investor
Bobby Sy– Web Develper
Nancy Coonic – Marketing
DAB Consulting Company
12345 S Street
Anywhere, CA 12345

Thank you all for your patience during our road to completion. As Mindy Ed requested, there are widgets being coded for the launch of the Travel Buddy site this Friday. I am pleased to announce that the original design will not be enhanced by the ability to customize the widgets at the users desire.

As expected, there has been developmental discovery during the process that with the collaboration of market data gathered by Shelly Arthur, has led us to reconsider the design.

While efficient in itself, the new and improved Travel Buddy widgets will not only instantly gather information for it’s users, but the actual individually installed applet will now store it’s users past search information, inquiries, and travel itineraries.

Investors will love the fact that while we are delaying our release of the widgets, but we are preventing a revamping of the entire code once our competitors come out with a better, more intelligent, information gathering, travel widget.

This process will set us back one week but the outcome is greater than the loss in the day of customized PC living. With the increasing popularity of personal add-ons and bookmarking networking tools, this newly implemented idea is sure to keep Travel Buddy on the cutting edge of what it’s users want.

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