Writing for Sports Feature

Writing for Sports Feature

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• Well-written sports features can bring in many young people into sports. For example, students who have not participated in soccer can learn about how it is played, the rules that govern it, and the easiest way to learn how to play it. A sports article on the notice board with pictures of the school winning team is sufficient to motivate and inspire the next generation of sportspersons. 

• A sport is normally initiated in school with the help of competition. A contest invariably manages to bring in new students into the sport. For example, the management could announce a soccer tournament for the age group of 8 -10 years. You would find that not only students would be willing to participate but parents also would follow them to cheer them on. That is the effect a sport has on people. 

• Sports can be informative and interesting at the same time. Students often participate without understanding the rules in total. A research paper on it can explain the new rules, history of the sport, memorabilia, and pictures of famous sportspersons. This would make interesting reading. 

• Man has always been interested in maintaining fitness. Through the ages, several sports were introduced which demanded physical fitness of the highest order. Individual sports like boxing or wrestling can inspire students to achieve very high levels of strength and fitness. Cycling can improve endurance and stamina. Soccer can help develop skills like dribbling and strategy. 

• Competitiveness in sport is something which all students should try to learn. In life, we can fail at any moment in time. How does one cope up with such an event? It becomes easy to deal with failure when you take part in sports. In soccer, for example, the success-failure rate could be 50% or even as low as 10%. When students are trained, they are taught to take failure in the stride. The Olympic motto introduced by de Coubertin truly summarizes the essence of sports. It states, “The most important thing...

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