Should there be iPads used in Dalat international school by each high school students? Many people believe that students could get distracted by the iPad and not focus on their studies. However, current research shows that in the near future each student will use a computer in class. There are two ideas of why Dalat high school students should use iPads for individual use. The first is that students would not have to carry heavy text books around campus, and the second is that students would be more organized.

The first idea is that students would not have to carry text books. In the first place heavy books can put strain the backs of growing teenagers. Of equal importance, students would not be tardied as much because of fewer trips to the lockers. This would allow the teacher to start class punctually without having to repeat themselves several times as late students arrive to class. Furthermore, iPads would be more convenient and is definitely more healthy for students spines and we would save both time and paper.

The second thought would be that Dalat high school students would be more organized. In support of this, notes and assignments would not be lost before a test or it’s due date and the built in agenda on the iPad would notify and remind students of upcoming events, assignments and tests or quizzes. Consequently if students have all their papers in class before an exam they wouldn’t have to worry about not having the right notes to study with. Also the iPad would a

Now that we have examined two facts which prove the iPad is in fact incredibly useful to both students and teachers, try to imagine Dalat international school as one of the prestigious high schools around the world, one of few schools where it’s students have individual iPads. As Dalat international school we can take another step to raise money to be able to buy the iPads and become one of the most renowned high schools in the world. So, should there be iPads used in Dalat...

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