Written Analysis

Written Analysis

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EN3220: Week 2 Looking for Credible Sources

Credible and Non Credible Sources
When we are writing a research paper, we need to utilize credible sources at all
times. Library books are our best option (Stylebook, n.d.). Credible sources are from
authors who are respected and authorities in their fields. Materials reviewed should be
recent and published within the last 10 years. Exception to this is the primary source
that was published during the period of study such as autobiographies and public
records (University Writing Book, March 2013). There are many websites but the
credible ones should have authors and information that are unbiased and recent. These
include websites ending in .edu, .org and .gov.
Non-credible sources are found on blogs, social media, websites that have no
published authors or not updated regularly. Also research articles have no citations,
references or links.
Banning Smoking in Public Places
“Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Smoking Behavior Among Young Adult Bar
Patrons” is a research from the American Journal of Public Health published in
November 2013. This was taken from the ITT Tech Virtual Library. Sara Kalkhoran, MD,
Torsten B. Neilands, PhD, and Pamela M. Ling, MD, MPH are the researchers who
conducted the study. Their findings showed that secondhand smoking exposure occurs
outside of the home particularly in work places and bars. Despite the increased
implementation of smoking restrictions, there are still people smoking just outside the
bar (on the patio or streets). This is a credible source as this was recently published and



EN3220: Week 2 Looking for Credible Sources
the authors are medical professionals in their fields. This will be accepted in an
academic paper as this was also published in a respectable journal in public health.
“Secondhand Smoke” is an article I picked from the internet. This is from the
American Cancer Society website (www.cancer.org). The article discusses...

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